Psychologist MOOC
The Psychologist MOOC Education Portal is launching soon.

We are currently collating Psychology Course from Psychology experts around the world.

How much does it cost?

Registration on the Psychology Education Portal is Free.

Authors can supply course for free or charge for their course.

If you purchase course the Author receives 85% with 15% charged as a transaction fee.

You can purchase course with your credit card or PayPal account.

Continuing Education

Many Psychology professionals are required to complete a legislated amount of CE.

It is your individual responsibility to ensure that any course that you study for CE will comply.

Before taking / purchasing course you can view an example certificate that will be provided when you have completed the course. When course is accredited, the accrediting body and accreditation amount will be displayed on the certificate.

How does it work?

The Psychology Portal is powered by WCEA. WCEA supplies specialist Learning Management Systems to Psychology Associations, Training Organizations and Manufacturers and the Free CE LMS to Psychology experts around the world.

These Organizations and individuals can supply their course to their own trainees and also distribute their course through the Psychologist MOOC Education Portal.

Who controls the quality of the course content?

Course is reviewed before being placed onto the Portal.

When you complete each piece of course you will be asked to give a Peer Review. Your Peer Reviews help other trainees to select from the best ranking course ensuring that the highest quality course is prioritized.

Is course Accredited?

Course is sourced from Psychology experts around the world. When course is accredited the Accreditation is noted on the completion certificate. When you search for course you are able to filter your search results by course that is accredited by selected accrediting agencies.

Tracking your course

You are provided with a “Education Tracker”. All course that you study on the Education Portal is recorded in the Education Tracker and you can also upload details on external course courses creating one central place for your course records. If you have CE requirements the tracker monitors your progress and you can create reports to provide to legislators.

Can my Psychology Association host this course?

Yes, Associations can select from the course on the Psychology Education Portal for their own website. For more information go to